AltUse Find - Popsicle Furniture

Popsicle furniture, crafted one stick at a time April 2, 2010 Read More

In a profile of Popsicle-stick furniture maker David Hrobowski appearing Saturday in the L.A. Times Home section, the artist leads the producer of PBS' series "Craft in America" to a delicate-looking chair.
"Go ahead, sit," he tells Carol Sauvion. She gives him a skeptical look and declines the offer, saying she doesn't want to break the work. 
By the end of Jenn Garbee's story, however, Sauvion not only sits in the chair. She pronounces it genius.
It is hard to believe what Hrobowski, pictured sitting on the chair, can do with sticks -- 20,000 of them, in the case of a 6-foot dining table. Room divider, sconces, tables, floor lamps, mirrors -- they're all made with sticks and glue.
You can see those designs in our photo gallery
Or you can view the work in person: Hrobowski will have an open house on Saturday to close his exhibition at the MorYork Gallery in Highland Park. Doors will be open from 2 to 7 p.m. The gallery address is 4959 York Blvd., Los Angeles. If you're trekking to the 'hood from afar, may we recommend coffee across the street at Cafe de Leche or the cheddar burger at the York nearby.
-- Craig Nakano