AltUse Find - Paper Made from Straw

Paper made from Straw

For centuries the farmer has been using the left-over wheat straw for alternative uses. He has put a roof over his head, using it for thatch. He has fed his cattle with it during the winter months. This is a story of recycling long before the word recycle existed.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for alternative resources to replace those that are in short supply. Nature’s Paper now offer an alternative to the traditional method of paper manufacturing. Nature’s Paper uses zero trace of wood and is produced using only wheat straw.

Nature’s Paper is 100% different and 100% equal to traditional paper. By choosing this as your everyday stock, you are choosing to save the environment and give something to future generations, without the loss of quality to your printing and copying.

To play your part in securing the planet for future generations, why not try Nature’s Paper.
Whilst you will be making a difference to the future there will be no difference to your budget. Nature’s Paper is both environmentally and economically friendly. Read More