Friend of AltUse - Sustain Kauai

Combine Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom and Knowledge with modern day Sustainable Technologies to create a Greener Kauai that is completely Self Sufficient

21st Century Ahupua’a

Kauai as we all know is one of the most perfect and pristine places remaining on the Earth. Those of us fortunate enough to live here or spend time here have a responsibility to give back to the place that gives so much to us. We must all learn to consciously become stewards of the land, water, and air that provide us with Life. We need not look far to figure out how to do this…We only need to look into the past as this is the way it was always done by the Native Hawaiians pre-contact.

We support:

  • Land preservation/environmental stewardships
  • Affordable local housing opportunities
  • Self sufficient eco-homes and communities
  • Community organic farming/agriculture
  • Green businesses and individuals
  • Reducing, re-using and recycling
  • Sustainable development (which means evolving with the land, not against it)

We also support alternative energy sources such as:

  • Wind, solar and wave power
  • Eco-friendly hydroelectric
  • Bio-mass fuels such as bio-diesel
  • Electric & hybrid fuel efficient engines
  • Hydrogen fuel cell technology
  • Research and development of other new "clean" technologies