AltUse Find - A Home Built Out of Trash and Millions of Beer Bottles

BY ARIEL SCHWARTZThu Mar 4, 2010 Read More
Recycled bottles can be turned into some pretty innovative things--World Cup jerseys orcrude oil, for example. But what about bottles that roll around the sidewalk, destined to eventually end up in the trash bin? One man from Quilmes, Argentina has gathered up 6 million of those stray glass bottles over the past 19 years to build the home you see here.

La Casa de Botellas
According to artist Tito Ingenieri, La Casa de Botellas has proven useful in more ways than one. The bottles adorning the house whistle when southern winds blow in, so Ingenieri knows when the river is rising. But while the bottle house may be an excellent example of repurposing old materials, we have to wonder about its safety. In the event of a natural disaster, the house would literally shatter. And you know what they say about people in glass houses.