AltUse Find - Hannoch Piven; Creating Art From Everyday Items

About Hannoch Piven: I make illustrations with found objects. Been doing it for like 17 years. More
It's sort of like a game but somehow :0 I support a family doing it. I have worked for magazines, newspapers, in the USA, in Europe and in Israel, I have created kid books, ad campaigns, book jackets and Record Covers. But perhaps the most gratifying part of my carrer (so far) has happenned in the past 5 years when I have become very active in teaching: not art students and not in an art school, but just 'regular' people, without the so-called 'artistic talent'. Even though my way of working is really tailored around my personal advantages and my weak points, I have come to realize it is an accesible tool for many people to communicate and express themselves. In this Blog I hope to bring a bit of all these 2 worlds in which I'm involved: the one in which I create and the one in which I help bringing other people to create. If you want a more 'official' bio please go here: