For AltUse Discussion - 12 Ways Vancouver Built Sustainability into the 2010 Winter Games

Sustainability at VANOC means managing the environmental, social and economic impacts and opportunities of our Games to produce lasting benefits, locally and globally. Read More
To do this, we recognized local and global sustainability challenges and opportunities. We learned from past Games and best practices. And we embraced our unique opportunities to make a positive difference, including:
  • Thinking ”sustainability”
    We expanded our program beyond the environmental impacts and benefits of the Games to include the social and economic dimensions of sustainability.
  • Engaging with stakeholders
    to learn from community, partner and sponsor feedback on all aspects of planning and hosting the Games.
    Stakeholder Feedback >>>
  • Publishing annual sustainability reports
    We are accountable for our performance on our sustainability objectives and communicate publicly about it in annual Sustainability Reports.
  • Celebrating sustainability innovations
    through the Vancouver 2010 Sustainability Star program which recognizes initiatives by Games partners, sponsors and VANOC that demonstrate positive and measurable social, economic and environmental impacts.
  • Raising awareness and inspiring action
    by encouraging Games participants, spectators and others to “Do your part”.
  • Leaving lasting legacies
    From accessible, energy- and water-efficient community facilities; to management tools such as the SMRS and the SSET; to transferable programs such as the Buy Smart, carbon management and asset-disposal programs; to affordable housing units in Vancouver and Whistler and in six other BC communities; to changing transportation habits, we have worked to create lasting benefits in our communities.
For highlights of VANOC’s sustainability program watch the Vancouver 2010 Sustainability Journey video and read thedetailed backgrounder.
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