AltUse Find - Presidents Day Quiz

BAY NEWS 9 -- Monday is a day off for many people, all in honor of Presidents Day.

If you're one of the lucky ones to get the holiday, you can thank George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Read More
This Friday, February 12th, is the day Abraham Lincoln was born. 1809 is the year of his birth.
Monday is the federal holiday as the nation celebrates Presidents Day.
Just yesterday in Illinois, the U.S. Mint revealed the newest design of the penny with Abraham Lincoln's face on it.
A poll put out on last year's Presidents Day found Lincoln and Washington topped the list as the nation's best presidents.
Often immortalized, they're on U.S. currency. Government and school buildings often have their names.
You may be surprised to know how many schools in the Bay area bear the name of Lincoln on its property.
How much do you know about two of the nation's greatest leaders?
Take our Presidents Day quiz. Make sure you do your homework because you can also score some extra credit.
Here's a hint...fireworks always light up the sky on this day.

 Presidents Day quiz

1- On Monday, February 15th the nation celebrates Presidents day in honor of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. On what date was George Washington born?
2- On what coin does George Washington's face appear?
3- Because of their place in American History, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are forever remembered by quotes. Which one of the quotes below was not said by Washington nor Lincoln.
4- How many schools in the Bay area (according to the Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Polk, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus County's websites) bear the name of Lincoln on its property?
5- In a 2009 poll conducted by C-SPAN, Abraham Lincoln was chosen as the best American President, according to presidential historians. In a 2009 public opinion Gallup poll, Abraham Lincoln was not the most popular president. Who was?
Two American Presidents died on the same day. Who were they and on what date?