AltUse Find - Green Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

5 Inexpensive Valentines You Can Make From Recycled Materials

Homemade Valentines that you can make.

By Craftster .org Minneapolis, MN, USA | Tue Jan 26, 2010 07:00 AM ET Read More

1. Ceramic Valentine
Make a valentine collage using left over ceramic tiles. These can be hung on the wall as art, or sealed and used as coasters.
2. Bottle of Love
Design a new label, and then fill an old wine bottle with love notes ~one for every day of the year.
3. The ABC's of Love Flashcards
Use old alphabet flashcards to show your sweetie the ABC's of your relationship. Pick images that mean something to you.
4. Box of Trinkets
Fill an empty partitioned chocolate box with tiny tokens of love.
5. Bucket o'Luv
Decorate an old bucket and fill it with sweet notes and Valentine treats!