AltUse Find - Coffee Grounds in your Garden

Did you know your plants also enjoy coffee?
By Carolina Dream Coy Read More
That's right, the grounds from your morning coffee are actually good for your plants. Nitrogen found in used coffee grounds will nourish your plants.

Coffee grounds have nutrients in them that are good for your garden whether you are growing flowers or vegetables adding coffee grounds to the soil will benefit your plants.

Many of the nutrients found in coffee grounds are the same nutrients found in store bought plant fertilizer. Therefore, by using coffee grounds, your plants will be getting the nutrients they need while you are saving money and recycling at the same time.

Personally, I prefer to do it the easy way and simply sprinkle the coffee grounds on the soil around my flowers and plants. This also works well for indoor plants as well as plants in the garden. Others prefer to compost their coffee grounds for later use.

Composting Coffee Grounds:
In order to compost your coffee grounds you will need an area in which to keep them. A barrel or any container that you can seal outside works well. You can also use a variety of items in your coffee compost.

Vegetable scarps such as onion peels, potatoes peels, banana peels or any other vegetable scraps you may have make a great addition as do grass clippings, leaves and sawdust. A few earthworms will also be a great addition to your compost.

The smell of coffee brewing first thing in the morning, followed by actually drinking the coffee is an excellent way to wake up. It's great to know that you can put those grounds from your daily pot of coffee to use instead of throwing them away.

After you have your morning coffee, stop, don't throw those grounds away. Give your plants a boost by adding the coffee grounds to the soil. Not only will you have healthier plants you will also be saving money on fertilizer.

Other Perks to Fertilizing with Coffee:
By mixing coffee grounds into the water before watering your plants, you can serve your plants a nice refreshing energy type drink.

Another great perk to using coffee grounds as fertilizer in the garden is that it helps reduce pests in the garden. Coffee grounds in the garden may deter ants, cats and other pests.

My husband is finally getting used to the fact that we don't throw away our coffee grounds because we keep them for our plants. When I'm not using them for my plants, I'm using them to fight cellulite and soften my skin. That's one more reason among many to love coffee.

Don't toss the grounds from your morning Java in the trash, save them to nourish your plants. Nourished plants are happy plants.