AltUse Find - Eco Paint Products

The Difference
Our paints are fundamentally unique. While there are many zero VOC paints on the market today, Green Planet Paints®  is the first to move beyond petroleum toward a truly sustainable paint based on plant resins and mineral pigments. Making this the only True Zero VOC full paint line manufactured today.  To fully appreciate these innovations, a brief review of modern paint and its history is helpful.
Modern paint is composed of essentially four ingredients: pigment, binder, solvent and property additives. Pigment provides the color, while the binder is the “glue” that holds everything together. The solvent adjusts the consistency, and the additives improve how the paint mixes and flows. These four types of ingredients combine to create a liquid that can be painted and will adhere to a substrate. For thousands of years paints have been made from a wide variety of natural materials, such as lime, casein, linseed oil, chalk, clays, minerals and tree resins. Painters of old made their own paint according to local resources and their own knowledge.