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As a long time advocate of natural and green living, starting off in the 1950s, I combined my natural health and medical education to found Creating Health Institute in 1988. We've (CHI) been a 501c3 certified non-profit organization since 1989. CHI has always focused on education and services to people, other health professionals, business, organizations, and government . We work very hard to provide services to Elders and people with limited financial resources who often cannot access natural health options.

Currently we're running several key projects that we've been involved with for the past several years, because of the great need.

CHI continues to focus on health and natural health concerns through our educational programs and articles. For 2010 our focus is on Natural Nutrition for health & healing because of the serious problems in the health industry. You can learn more about our health services at

Our library project has helped establish several community libraries, including one on a Pacific NW Indian reservation. We try to support other projects in the Indian community where the need is great, when we have funds available.

Our Veteran's Program is available to veteran's and their families at no charge. More information about this can be found at

We originated some unique health products that are great for sports, fibromyalgia, as well as general health.  It is quite an effort to get the word out.  We have some users in the military who like it for battle fatigue.  Our herbal sportZtea blend is getting popular. And we can make you your own custom blend!

We work closely with the Silver Valley Community Resource Center,, as a health adviser, in the nation's largest Superfund site. We have a supplement program where we try to supply supplements to this community to offset health concerns, especially for the children.

We publish Natural Health News, the Diabetes E-List, and our articles are found on line and in print media. Our radio program -  herbalYODA Says! - is on BlogTalkRadio, and we publish a newsletter by the same name. The Oake Centre for natural health education also provides all of our educational programs.  Learn more at  

These programs take the most of our time, but we are active with many other things on a daily basis. As a small and all volunteer, non-profit organization, we too have needs in order to continue our work, donations are always most welcome.

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