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The mission of The Playa Foundation is to support other non-profit organizations that nourish children's health, education and welfare. We accomplish this by carefully selecting non-profit partners who serve children and youth ages 0-21, in the United States and internationally. Through strategic grants, we encourage and stimulate these organizations' work. Funding is by invitation only. Read More and visit The Playa Wire web.

We support organizations that:
  • Have been in business for five years or longer
  • Have an annual budget of $5 million or less
  • Have clear goals and a vision for future success
  • Have a plan for long-term sustainability
We recognize the importance of involving families in improving the lives of their children. We are also particularly interested in supporting organizations that bring children together to help each other, across cultures and across borders.

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...nourish children's health, education and welfare

The Playa Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.