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How To Save The World One Green Golf Ball At A Time

And they introduced me to the Earth Golf Ball, the world’s first high-performance 100% eco-friendly golf ball.
These guys didn’t just stop at making a really green golf ball (more about the ball in a second), but they activated a recycling program that gets golfers involved beyond just playing a round.
“Golf, in its essence, should the greenest of all sports.  And yet our industry is still 10 years behind the times,” said William Carey.
Platt and Carey said that they want to incentivize golfers to recycle the standard golf balls that are made with heavy metals and do nothing for the environment. When you turn in any golf ball at a pro shop or store that carries the Earth golf ball, you receive a 50 cent discount on a new Earth ball. You get a $1 discount when you recycle a Dixon Earth ball. The program recycled more than 38,000 golf balls on Earth Day alone.
The Earth golf ball is organic to the core, and has replaced the heavy metals, like lead, tungsten and titanium, with a proprietary organic compound that is essentially like salt.
But is salt like chalk?
“The problem with completely biodegrable golf balls is that they do explode on the tee,” Dane pointed out. “So that doesn’t work so well for performance. What we have created is a high-performance ball that can be ground up and reused in all sorts of other new products, while we’re taking the heavy metals out of the environment.”
PGA Tour Partners sent a dozen balls to 125 golfers to test against the likes of Titleist, Nike and Callaway high-performance balls.  The Earth golf ball received a 92 percent approval rating. When asked what the Earth ball is like compared to the competition, Dane said the quality is between a Titleist Pro V1 and the NXT Tour. The company even has a long drive champ in it’s corner, with Sean “The Beast” Fister using their Eco-Distance ball in competition.
“You can’t make a crappy ball, call it eco-friendly and expect anyone to buy it if it’s not going to help their game” William said.
Do You Want To Take A FREE Test Drive?
dixon-earth_propercut-smI asked these green golf innovators if they wanted to put their Earth golf ball to another test: Having you, my readers, test drive and comment on their ball? They have so much confidence in the performance of their new green ball, that they were generous enough to give me four dozen to try. If you would like a FREE sleeve of Earth golf balls, please send me your name and address through my contact form, and I’ll send you a sleeve (while supplies last).  All I ask in return is that you give your honest review of the ball in the comment section on this post. And please play the ball and review it within one week of getting the FREE sleeve. I’ll be taking the new Earth ball for a spin this weekend.
A tip of the golf cap to Dane and William for not just making an eco-friendly golf ball, but for taking their drive farther by activating a terrific golf ball recycling program.