Best Buy Offers Electronics Recycling

You trust us when it's time to buy the latest electronics. You can also trust us to help you safely dispose of your old ones.
In fact, many of your broken, obsolete, or unwanted gadgets are just waiting to be e-incarnated. So bring them to us. And we'll make sure they're properly and safely recycled, so they have the chance to perhaps come back as something even cooler in the future. It's all part of our Greener Together™ program.
And we'll take just about anything electronic, including TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, cell phones and more. You can bring in up to two items a day, per household, and most things are absolutely free. However, there is a $10 charge for TVs 32" and under, CRTs, monitors and laptops — but we'll give you a $10 Best Buy gift card to offset that cost. It's just a little e-incarnation appreciation.
So do it for the Earth. Do it to get rid of some old junk. Or just do it for some good Karma.

Best Buy® + You. We're Greener Together.

Greener Together$10 recycling fee and $10 gift card offer do not apply to stores in California, or to any Insignia®, Dynex® or VPR Matrix® products. Gift card good toward future purchase.

What We Take

  • Two items per household per day.
  • Nearly everything electronic, including TVs, computers, DVD players, monitors, or cell phones.
  • We charge $10 for TVs under 32", CRTs, monitors and laptops. But you receive a $10 Best Buy gift card.
  • Desktop or laptop computers with the hard drive removed. See this Geek Squad video for Do-it-Yourself instructions, or we will remove it for $19.99.

What We Don't Take

  • Internal & External computer hard drives.
  • Console TVs, or TVs and monitors larger than 32". Use our haul-away or pickup programs for these items.
  • Electronics containing Freon, like mini refrigerators or air conditioners. Please contact your local waste disposal department.
  • Appliances. Use our haul-away or pickup programs for refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers and dryers, ranges and microwaves.