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What is your daily thread (ydt)?

ydt was inspired by a simple problem: What is there to do in my city that is active, embraces green and sustainable living, all the while being fun, entertaining, exciting, and meaningful?
Does figuring that out sound like too much to juggle?
ydt is here to help with short & sweet articles on how to live a balanced life in Los Angeles. Topics range from eco-fashion to organic beer, from Hollywood film festivals to Santa Monica community gardens, and more.
A simple solution indeed!
We give you each weekday, your daily thread, L.A.’s guide to conscious living.
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How We Got Started…
ydt was created by best friends Tracy Hepler and Lauren Johanson. After graduating from college (Tracy @ UCSB and Lauren @ University of Richmond), both women spent a year abroad to learn more about themselves and the world. Tracy taught English in Spain; Lauren volunteered at an Indian Orphanage and on organic farms in Thailand and New Zealand.
After moving back to the city they knew as kids, they searched for a source to learn about what there was to do as adults. Their experiences in college and abroad had also sparked a growing interest in sustainability, social responsibility, green living–an overall more conscious lifestyle. This prompted them to seek out people and places living out these ideals through out Los Angeles. One night over fair trade coffee Tracy and Lauren wondered, “Why don’t we make our own city guide that focuses on conscious living issues and share them with everyone?”
This is how ydt came to be, a project from the heart of two best friends. ydt is here for all of you to enjoy, read, share, comment on and connect to as you traverse Los Angeles.