AltUse Find - Have a Green New Year's Eve

How to Go Green: New Year's

We generally run into two schools of thought on New Year's Eve: it's either an excuse for a raucous night at the bar and massive quantities of bubbly, or it's a night for amateurs that's better spent watching the ball drop with a few close friends. No matter which category you fall into, it's easy to make your Eve a little greener with organic champagne, recycled glassware, DIY noisemakers, and non-disposable decorations. And if, regardless of whether you went out or stayed in, you had a little more to drink than you meant to-well, we can help with that, too.
Of course, once you've gotten rid of the hangover, it's time to look at the year ahead and think about the the resolutions you're ready to make. Is it finally time to stop smoking, trim your spendingclean out your closets, or lose ten pounds? You can do all of those things while making positive environmental changes. Or if your resolution is as simple as living a greener lifestyle, we've included our favorite five-minute fixes that will have you on a brand new path to eco-friendliness in 2009. Happy New Year!