AltUse Vendor of the Day - GreenovationTV

About Us

We all share one planet. GreenovationTV wants to redefine television and redefine home. Our mission is to provide practical information in an entertaining format to help green every home in America, starting with yours.

Greening our homes is the best way to save money, help the economy, create jobs, make our homes more comfortable and help to avoid climate catastrophe and protect the one home we share. 
Here are the facts:
  • There are 130 million existing homes in the U.S.
  • Over half are more than 35 years old.
  • 58 million have zero insulation.
  • Our homes consume 22% of the energy in the U.S.
  • In order to tackle energy independence, the water crisis, and climate disruption, we must retrofit every home in America to be more energy and water efficient.
  • Ultimately, every home should be able to produce its own energy, capture its own water, and manage its own waste.
After six years in gestation, I launched GreenovationTV on Earth Day 2009. My wife Kelly and I are completing the renovation of our 110-year old home on the Old West Side neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Using motion sensor occupancy light switches, efficient lighting, Energy Star appliances, geothermal heating; a/c, dual flush toilets, high efficiency shower heads and faucets, rainwater capture, and improved weatherization, we have reduced our utilities by 75%. We broadcast to the world from Ann Arbor, Michigan, home to 22% of the world’s freshwater supply.

A story on NPR’s “The Environment Report” about our home and GreenovationTV: LISTEN HERE

GreenovationTV is a new breed of hybrid organizations or what others call values-driven or mission-driven organizations which operate in the blurry space between the for-profit and non-profit worlds.  The purpose is to make a difference and make a living. Consumers need and are demanding this resource. I’d like GTV to be the place for you to find the information that was lacking when Kelly and I began improving our historic home. Please stay in touch . . . and stayed tuned.