AltUse Spotlight Ms. Barbara Matthiessen - Eco Crafts

About Barbara: I am one very lucky person to have grown up in a family of makers such as quilters, painters, leather workers, woodworkers, knitters, and fine artists.  Making stuff has always been in my life and is a huge part of my life.
The environment is vitally important; I want a decent world for my grandchildren.  Waste not, want not is my credo.  Using creativity to conserve and protect resources is my goal.
An Alternative Use from Barbara:
Pincushion rings and bracelets are fun to create, practical to use, and re-purpose bottle caps that cannot be recycled. What a great package, fun, creativity and green all in one! These could also be done as fabulous soft jewelry. Mix and match small bits of fabrics, trims and felt to create your own unique creation.