AltUse Find of the Day: The Plastic Pollution Coalition

The Plastic Pollution Coalition was created with the vision to create a global community of citizens, scientists, governments and businesses working together towards a world free of plastic pollution.
To achieve this goal, the Coalition has developed a strategy based on three pillars: community building - global awareness - empowerment.
Community building is key cornerstone of our strategy.  We have crossed disciplines to assemble a team of scientists, legislators, legislative experts, business professionals, entertainers, communication experts, writers, film-makers, youth activists, computer experts and green businesses (just to name a few) to work together towards understanding of the global impacts of plastic pollution; to create new ways to share that knowledge; and to spark a world-wide movement.
Global awareness is essential to our strategy.  To promote global awareness we have undertaken a number of projects geared towards creating global awareness around the issues of plastic pollution.
Empowerment is a must for to the success of the global movement. In collaboration with all coalition partners, we will provide a platform for all of their toolkits and resources; access to forums for exchange of ideas; open source legislative tools and templates; google world-maps of actions and reports. We will deploy crowd-sourcing tools to enable citizen involvement, such as citizen-funded investigative reporting platform, citizen-funded field studies, citizen-powered business idea library. 

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