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Green Travel 101

If want to travel green but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top tips and guides for becoming an eco-conscious traveler.

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Getting Started

What is Green Travel? Defining the latest eco-conscious travel jargon.

15 Reasons to Travel Green: If you’re on the fence about eco travel, learn why people do it.
Shades of Green Travel: Are you pea green, kelly green, or forest green? Find out.
Ultimate Guide to Packing Light: 45 tips to lighten your load - and save you money.
46 Simple Ways to Save Cash Now with Green Travel: 46 tips for saving money while traveling green.

25 Days to Green Travel

This 25-post series will take you from a novice green traveler to an expert. It covers how to get started, what to do before you go, how to travel green while you’re away, and what to do on your way home.
If you would like a free pdf of this series (for easy printing) please email us with the subject line: 25 Days to Green Travel PDF.
  1. 31 Reasons to Travel Green: In Pictures
  2. Defining Green Travel
  3. Ultimate Directory of Top Green Travel Destinations
  4. Learning About the Local Culture
  5. 12 Paper-Free Guidebooks
  6. 4 Principles for Choosing Green Transportation
  7. Bus and Train Routes Across the World
  8. The Best Search Engines for Non-Stop Flights
  9. 11 Best Tips for Packing Light
  10. 6 Pieces of Travel Gear You Should Buy New
  11. 12 Things You Need to Know About Carbon Offsets
  12. How to Find Green Accommodations
  13. Drinking Green Anywhere in the World
  14. Tips for Healthy Water Abroad
  15. Sustainable Dining Guide
  16. 11 Tips and Tricks for Greening your Hotel Stay
  17. Getting Around - Public Transportation
  18. What to Do - Green Activities
  19. Volunteering Abroad - 10 Things to Know
  20. 21 Resources for Volunteering Abroad & Why You Should Do It
  21. Everything I Need to Know About Watching Wildlife I Learned in Kindergarten
  22. How to Take Culturally Sensitive Photos
  23. How to Find Sustainable Souvenirs
  24. 6 Tips for a Green Return Home
  25. Spread the Word

    Digging Deeper

    About Go Green Travel Green

    At Go Green Travel Green, we recognize that living off-the-grid (read: sans electricity) and using earthworm composting toilets isn’t for everyone. But we also love to travel and explore new destination, cultures, and foods. That’s why we focus on simple steps anyone can take to travel greener.

    From green hotels and public transportation to local food and eco-tours, Go Green Travel Green is your source for eco travel tips, reviews, and news.
    We’ve traveled the world over and packed our green travel knowledge and experience into this site.
    Go Green Travel Green has been featured on NewsweekForbesLos Angeles Times,MSN MoneyNational GeographicPC WorldKayak, and Lifehack.

    About the Authors

    Kimberly and Elizabeth Sanberg, co-founders of Go Green Travel Green, are avid travelers committed to reducing their environmental impact.
    After living in Russia and traveling across Eastern Europe, Egypt, and Turkey for 2 months in 2004, they temporarily settled in Washington, DC where they worked at nonprofits.
    After quitting their jobs in DC to travel, Elizabeth and Kimberly gallivanted around Argentina and Belize for 4 months. They’ve now settled in Minneapolis, MN with their golden retriever / black lab mix, Murphy. They’ve been to a collective 32 countries and so far their favorites are Ireland, Egypt, and Argentina. Next on their list is Australia and then New Zealand.
    When she’s not traveling, Elizabeth enjoys sampling local ice cream, playing tennis, and exploring the outdoors. She’s a freelance writer and law school student.
    Kimberly is the Director of Online Strategy at Ignitus where she helps nonprofits and small businesses take advantage of web 2.0, email, online fundraising, and marketing. In her free time she likes frequenting thrift stores and used book stores and listening to records.
    Have suggestions or advice? Let us know.


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