AltUse Find - Build a Better Pizza Box

Environmentally Conscious Organization (ECO), Incorporated ( is an innovator and leader in the environmentally friendly food packaging industry.  We provide design, licensing, manufacturing, subcontract management and logistics and are dedicated to improving outmoded, outdated and wasteful food packaging. ECO Incorporated is launching its first product, the GreenBox, a multifunctional pizza box made from 100% recycled material.  The top of the GreenBox breaks down into four convenient serving plates, eliminating the need for disposable plates and harmful detergents.  The bottom of the box folds neatly into a handy storage container for leftovers, eliminating the need for ancillary storage materials like aluminum foil and plastic wrap.  The perforations and scores in the GreenBox that create this functionality allow for easy disposal into a standard-sized recycling or compost bin.