AltUse Vendor Partner RePlayGround

RePlayGround is where discarded materials take on new life! We take scrap and make it new - and we help you recycle, too. Be sure to check out our ReMake It recycling kits - like the wine cork trivet and bottle lamp. They're both easy ways to get going with recycling. Don't miss our do-it-yourself section where we teach you how to reuse discards all by yourself! Turn old glasses into picture framesumbrellas into skirts, and more. Or invite us to your next event and we'll provide materials and hands-on instruction for your favorite recycling project.

We're recycling fanatics and just love finding new uses for old items. Your scrap is the raw material for our next design project.

RePlayGround grew from the imagination of Tiffany Threadgould. She went to grad school for design at the lovely Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. That's where she wrote her thesis titled "Trash Nouveau - reincarnating garbage into usable products." And she's been a Design Junkie ever since.

You might know us as Tiffany Tomato Designs. That's our old name. We've moved over to RePlayGround because there's enough scrap for everyone to share.

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