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Find alternative uses for everyday products

AltUseIt’s very easy to see everyday products in just one context. For instance, most people think of hairspray as just their first line of defence against a bad hair day, but did you know that it can also be used to remove pen and ink marks?
And coffee for most people is just a gratifying beverage that kickstarts their day, but how many of them know that coffee grounds are a good fertiliser for their garden.
If you want to find out how common products already in your house can multitask, head to the site, where you can search by product or use (the home page displays a featured alternative use and the most popular reuse tips by product and use).
All the reuse tips are contributed by the site’s community and, if you join up (it’s free), you can add your own alternative uses for common household products as well as rate the tips of others. is a great resource for saving money by repurposing and reusing things you already have, which has to be good for the planet as well as your hip pocket.